Patients First. Period.

As an independent pharmacy we are able to be more dynamic and flexible to better serve our patients.  With your health goals at the forefront we can leverage our years of experience to put a unique plan in place for you. 

Passionate Care from Your Office, to Ours

By being a better partner for providers, Curexa ensures that patient’s satisfaction continues from your office to ours. Coordinated care, open communication and easy ordering allow you to focus on what’s important - the patient. 

The New Standard of Service

At Curexa, patient care comes first.  With 24 hours a day, 7 days a week clinical support, access to over 4000 translators in over 200 languages, we can give you access to care and support whenever you need.

Personalized Solutions at the Highest Quality.

Exclusive compounding services allows a personalized approach to medicine, in combination with our specialty pharmacy services. Curexa® works with prescribers to personalize medication to specific conditions, getting patients the medication they need for a healthier tomorrow.

Not every patient is the same, some require higher or lower doses, no fillers, or even topical and transdermal medications in place of orals. These possibilities are available with our exclusive compounding services.

Our Experience. Your Benefit.

With over two decades of experience, our pharmacy professionals can prepare personalized medication for each individual, especially those that are not commercially available. We take pride in the quality of our medication ensuring that it is free of problem-causing fillers such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.  

Thanks to Curexa, I no longer experience painful flare-ups and outbreaks. My difficult to find prescription was delivered to my house in just a few days.

Curexa Patient

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